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Stats App for Tesla

  • Use your watch as the key to the car

  • Uses Bluetooth, so works without internet connectivity or iPhone or Key Card

  • Use Bluetooth to:

    • Unlatch driver door

    • Unlock and drive the car

    • Open frunk/trunk

    • Open charge port

  • You can also use the watch to unlock/drive/find the car and many other operation from anywhere (even when not close to the car)

Opening of Trunk/Frunk

  • Exclusive feature: Frunk/trunk Proximity Activation
    Tap on a watch face complication (shown above) while you are at the store and when you approach the car, the trunk (or frunk) opens automatically. Useful for those situations where your hands are full

Why This App?


Stats never sees your email or password. The app forwards the user to Tesla website for authentication.
The authentication is similar to the way your favorite email client accesses your email hosted on GMail (technical term is oAuth2 which is a protocols designed to allow third party apps/services provide services without the user giving them their credentials)

Try First

Stats offers a free 7-day trial now.
If you do not like subscriptions you can also choose the lifetime unlock option 

Pricing after the trial period: $5 per month or $50 per year or skip subscriptions and get a lifetime unlock for $110

Phantom Drain

The app does not wake the car if your car is asleep. The app does not even wake the car when you launch it (unlike Tesla app) 
So, Stats app does not add to the phantom drain.


Frequent updates adds unique and useful  features to the app

The app supports all cars that are linked to your Tesla account automatically

Independent Reviews by Tesla Influencers

BEST TESLA APP - A MUST-HAVE for Tesla Owners. #1 Tesla App (for iPhones) choice

BEST TESLA APP - A MUST-HAVE for Tesla Owners. #1 Tesla App (for iPhones) choice

[LINKS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH] I have never felt this excited about ANY Tesla app - even the official Tesla App! (By the way - at the moment it is an iPhone-only app). Let me ask you to WATCH all the way through if you are a Tesla owner but don’t yet have this app. Also, don’t be scared off by the word “stats” I can only describe STATS as a MUST-HAVE for all Tesla owners who love their vehicles and want to know as much as possible about the condition of their battery, state of battery degradation, how much “phantom drain” their car exhibits, how their vehicle compares with all the OTHER Teslas out on the road, and much more. Throw in TWO widgets, as well as a WATCH app, and there seriously is no competition in the category of Best Tesla App. Now, you may get a shock when you see the price on the App Store ($49.99 US and $69.99 CDN) but, it still remains true that you get what you pay for. In addition, this app does not charge a monthly subscription so that one payment is IT. I have never so unambiguously recommended a product before - and I don’t even get a cut of any sales :) Paypal Link: Referral Code: Frugal Tesla Guy: Stats App Deep Dive Ep #1: Frugal Tesla Guy: Stats App Deep Dive Ep #2: 00:00 Introduction 3:51 STATS App overview 6:57 Tab #1: Battery and Charging stats 10:11 Tab #2: Your vehicle stats and charts 18:49 Tab #3: Fleet-wide stats compared to your vehicle 21:51 Tab #4: Common Tesla controls 25:20 Tab #5: Settings and Preferences 36:47 Tab #6: Useful links 38:48 Announcements
How To Control Your Tesla With Apple Watch ⌚️

How To Control Your Tesla With Apple Watch ⌚️

I recently ditched my beloved analog watches and switched to an Apple Watch Series 5 cellular version. I wanted to be able to access basic functions of my Tesla Model 3 from the watch while I'm on the go such as lock/unlock the car and remotely starting the car without having my iPhone with me. I found out that the Stats app I've been using on my iPhone for the last year also supports Apple Watch. In this video I share how to use Stats on Apple Watch, and how you can use Siri to control your Tesla from your Apple Watch. *CORRECTION:* You can control your Tesla using all Siri voice shortcuts set in Stats app on iPhone, not just limited to functions listed on the Watch. For example, even though Vent Windows isn’t listed on Watch app as a function, you can still use Siri to do this from the Watch if you have set this up on iPhone. NOTE: I forgot to mention in video that Apple Watch *does not* have a proximity sensor as iPhone does, so you would need to manually lock/unlock car each time if you do not have your iPhone with you. ➡️ Stats app for Tesla: 👕👚 HELP ME SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE 👚👕 I have an online store! Please have a look at the link below to support this channel and also help support Water Mission. 30% of proceeds from sales will be donated to this non-profit organization that designs and builds sustainable safe water solutions in developing countries and disaster areas. You will be doing good to the world! 👚👕 Let's deliver safe and clean water solutions to those in need: ⚡⚡⚡ Get 1,000 miles/1,500 km FREE Supercharging when you buy or lease a Tesla! Use my referral link to configure and order yours: ⚡⚡⚡ Products I use in my Tesla Model 3: 👉 (For Sentry Mode & Dashcam) USB Micro Card Reader - 👉 (For Sentry Mode & Dashcam) Micro SD Memory - 👉 Tesmanian Floor Mats for Model 3 (use teslajoy10 for 10% off) - 👉 Car Neck Pillow - 👉 iBuddy Dog Backseat Cover - 👉 Sun Shade (size XXL) - 👉 Jack Lift Point Pad Adapter - 👉 Qi Wireless Charging Pads - (Video here: 👉 Scent Wedge Air Freshener - 👉 Drop Lock - Get 15% off your orders at Tesla Bros. Use my promo code "teslajoy15" at checkout: Get 15% off your first order on Tesla accessories from Abstract Ocean. Use my promo code "teslajoy" at checkout: Get 10% off Hansshow power frunk and/or trunk kit. Use "teslajoy" when you order: Get $25 off your first trip with a Tesla rental on Turo! Use my referral link to sign up: 📌 Tweet at me on Twitter @teslajoy 📌 Follow me on Instagram 📌 Like my Facebook page @teslajoy3 ♦️ DISCLAIMER ♦️ This channel is for current Tesla owners and those who are interested in owning a Tesla. If it's clear that you are neither and only trolling, your comments will be deleted. I aim to create an open and respectful environment for people to have friendly dialogues. If you make snarky, rude comments, use profanity, and insert unnecessary political comments, they will also be removed. #tesla #model3 #applewatch
Should you get the Stats App (IOS)? Here is why I did! | 2019.40.2.1 | Tesla How To

Should you get the Stats App (IOS)? Here is why I did! | 2019.40.2.1 | Tesla How To

In this video we dive into the Stats app. I show you how I use it and how I fixed an issue I had with getting data to the app after a charge. ..............Free Supercharging.............. 🔥⚡️🔥Get yourself 1,000 miles or 1,500 km of ⚡️FREE SUPERCHARGING⚡️ when you buy or lease a new Tesla! Just click or enter my referral link to configure and get you a TESLA!!! ⚡️⚡️👉 👈 ⚡️⚡️ ..............Support The Channel.............. ⚡️If you like my stuff and want to help improve the channel, consider becoming a Patreon: 🤗 🤗 ..............Discounts On Accessories.............. 👉Get 10% off accessories at The Rideshare Shop with discount code: CfTesla10 👉 👉Get 15% off XTechnor products on Amazon with code: CfTesla15 👉 👉Get 10% off accessories at EV Armor with discount code: CfTesla10 👉 …………..Accessories On My Car………….. 👉Buy seat cover - 👉Buy car seat - 👉Buy booster seat - 👉Buy Sparta Key Holder - 👉Buy BMZX charging cable organizer - 👉Buy JDMCAR center console organizer tray insert - 👉Buy CupHolderHero center console liners - 👉Buy EV Wraps center console - Mat black - 👉Buy Screen protector - 👉Buy 4 port USB hub - 👉Buy SanDisk iXpand flash drive - 👉Buy Basenor black kick covers - 👉Buy EV wrap door sill protector - 👉Buy BougeRV floor mats - 👉Buy license plate frame - 👉Buy Hikotor cargo mat liner for trunk - 👉Buy seat belt extensions - …………..Channel Schedule ………….. 👉 One Rate This Drive a week 👉 One Tesla Vlog a week 👉 Product Review/install/giveaways on Fridays 🔥NEW!🔥 ..............Social Media.............. ⚡️Follow me on Twitter: ..............About My Car.............. ⚡️About my car: 👉Blue 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD 👉19 factory tires/wheels 👉HW 3.0 👉White interior 👉Full self drive package 👉Mad Max mode. ..............Equipment I Use.............. 👉Canon 80D (all things out of car) 👉GoPro Hero 7 Black (In car) 👉Rode Mic Mini ..............For The Haters/Trolls.............. 👉FYI, this channel is made for those of you who are looking to become a Tesla owner or who are already. I have NO time for negative comments and/or trolls.

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