A Unique and Modern App for a Unique and Modern Car:

Stats for Tesla
Model S/X/3/Y

(no monthly subscription)


Use your Apple Watch (Series 1 and above) to interact with your car. Also supports Siri on the watch.
Stats app issues notifications if you leave doors/frunk/trunk open and you are not in the car.
It also issues a notification if you leave climate on and you are not in the car.
The app computes your cost savings compared to a gas-car (you specify MPG of the gas car)
Use Siri to interact with you car.
See how your efficiency and phantom drain compares with other users
See percentage of users on each firmware version (you can filter by car model S/X/3)
When supercharging (or charge at home, this graph shows how the charge rate varies with time or as a function of battery level. As the battery level increases, the charge rate decreases.
Monitor your battery health
The app measures phantom drain and show where the drain has occurred. The app is optimized so that it does not add to the phantom drain itself.
The app issues a notification if battery level is below your designated level and car is parked at the designated location.
You can schedule Climate to turn on at the desired day/time.
Smart Battery Prep: Use this feature to automatically get the car battery warmed-up by the time you plan to use the car.
Smart Sentry Mode: Automatically enables Sentry Mode except for locations that you designate as "safe".
Observe the impact of temperature on your efficiency

Send an address from your phone to your car

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