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Stats App for Tesla

  • Use your watch as the key to the car

  • Uses Bluetooth, so works without internet connectivity or iPhone or Key Card

  • Use Bluetooth to:

    • Unlatch driver door

    • Unlock and drive the car

    • Open frunk/trunk

    • Open charge port

  • You can also use the watch to unlock/drive/find the car and many other operation from anywhere (even when not close to the car)

Opening of Trunk/Frunk

  • Exclusive feature: Frunk/trunk Proximity Activation
    Tap on a watch face complication (shown above) while you are at the store and when you approach the car, the trunk (or frunk) opens automatically. Useful for those situations where your hands are full

Why This App?


Stats never sees your email or password. The app forwards the user to Tesla website for authentication.
The authentication is similar to the way your favorite email client accesses your email hosted on GMail (technical term is oAuth2 which is a protocols designed to allow third party apps/services provide services without the user giving them their credentials)

Try First

Stats offers a free 7-day trial now.
If you do not like subscriptions you can also choose the lifetime unlock option 

Pricing after the trial period: $5 per month or $50 per year or skip subscriptions and get a lifetime unlock for $110

Phantom Drain

The app does not wake the car if your car is asleep. The app does not even wake the car when you launch it (unlike Tesla app) 
So, Stats app does not add to the phantom drain.


Frequent updates adds unique and useful  features to the app

The app supports all cars that are linked to your Tesla account automatically

Independent Reviews by Tesla Influencers

Highly Rated in the App Store