Smart Battery Prep
for Tesla cars

Increase efficiency and regen braking

When the battery is too cold or too hot, the efficiency diminishes and regenerative braking can become limited.

This app does one simple yet incredibly useful function:

It adds a small charge (you specify how much) at the time that you configure so that by the time you intend to use the car, the battery is already warmed up.

You can specify multiple schedules for different days of week.

iPhone 6.5 Screenshot 1.png

Let's say you want to use the car at 8:00am on Monday-Friday and you want the battery to be charged to 90% and warmed up.

How to configure the app

Configure the app as shown in the screenshot. 

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS Max -

What to expect?

Your car starts charging overnight as usual (e.g., according to the charging start time that you have set in the car) until the battery reaches the charge limit (e.g., 85%).

In the battery pre-conditioning screen of the app, you have set the time at which you want a top-off charging to start (e.g., 7:30am) and a higher charge limit (e.g., 90%).

The car starts charging at 7:30am until it is charged to 90%. By the time you get in the car (at 8:00am), the car is fully charged and the battery is properly conditioned (warmed-up).

The following graph shows this scenario:

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