Frequently asked questions

I just charged the car, but the infomation does not show up in the bar chart. Why?

Please read this answer until the end (there are several remedies listed) Please make sure that:

  • Your iPhone is never put in Low Power Mode (it prevents the app from collecting data)

  • Your settings are as shown below:

Important: If the "Background App Refresh" is grayed out, that prevents the app from collecting data in the background and you will be missing data. Make sure that "Background App Refresh" is enabled under "Settings app / General / Background App Refresh". This article tells you how to fix this.
  • If you are leaving your car plugged in for more than six hours after the charge is complete, the car may start a top-off charge. Doing so, will overwrite the data for the previous charging session. To avoid this overwrite, please unplug the car prior to the six hour time window after the charge complete. You can set the start time of the charge (in the car) to start a little later so that charging finishes less than six hours before you get a chance to unplug the car.
  • The charging info shows up in the graph only after you disconnect the car from the charger
  • If you have just unplugged the car and the charging info does not appear in the bar-chart, please do a pull-to-refresh on the charts screen
  • Another common reason for charging information not appearing on the bar-chart is that while attempting to remove the charging wand, you might have inavertently started a new charging session by moving the wand back and forth. Doing so causes the charging information to be overwritten with zeros (see the screenshot below). To avoid this, make sure that the car is unlocked prior to removing the wand and then remove it without moving it back and forth. Specifically do this when you unplug the car:
    • Unlock the car using Stats
    • Press and hold the button on the wand and wait for the LED color to change and only then pull out the wand with one smooth motion.

My average efficiency and phantom drain rate do not show up as vertical lines in the histogram of efficiency and phantom drain rate across all users. Why?

To compute a meaningful average for efficiency and phantom drain rate, the app needs to collect at least 10 data-points. If the app has not collected at least 10 data-points yet, just wait and the vertical lines on the histograms will show up automatically. Also, make sure that the switch shown in the following screenshot is enabled.

The Siri Shortcuts that I've added previously do not work anymore.

Please delete the Siri Shortcuts associated with the app and re-add them. To delete Siri Shortcuts use the Shortcut app

I just left the door open to test the "open door" notification, but did not receive any notification from the app. Same question about the charge reminder notification. Why?

The app checks the status of doors/trunks when you arrive somewhere and then it also checks the status periodically (about once every 30 minutes). Notifications are issued only if you are not in the car. So, for example, if you open the door while the car is parked in your garage, you may not get a notification immediately. The same is true about the "unlock notification". Also, please make sure that the location permission is set to "always" for this app (in the Settings app). This allows the app to detect arrival events.

The app says it cannot connect to Tesla servers. How do I fix this?

There are two possibilities: 1. The Tesla servers are actually not presently working; or 2. You have changed your password. First, determine if you can connect to the car using the Tesla app. If you cannot, then the problem is with Tesla servers being down temporarily and you just need to wait (case 1 above). If you can connect using the Tesla app, but not using the Stats app, then please delete and re-install the app and this should resolve the isue (case 2 above)

Why doesn't my phantom drain rate show as a vertical dashed line on the phantom drain rate distribution

The vertical dashed line which represents your average phantom drain rate will show up automatically once the app has collected at least ten datapoints for phantom drain.

Tesla is an electric car. What does the MPG in settings tab mean and why do I need to enter this number?

The MPG value and "price of gas" that you enter in the settings tab of app are used only to compute the "cost savings" (in the first bar-chart on second tab of the app).
Specifically, the app computes the savings associated with each charging session. the saving is the difference between the cost of adding equivalent estimated range to your Tesla and to a gas car whose MPG you specify in the settings tab.

iOS is showing me a message indicating that Stats has used my location in the background. Why does the app need my location?

Stats uses the "arrival detection" feature of iOS to check the status of doors and trunks shortly after you arrive somewhere. In order to do this the app requires the "Always Allow" permission. This has virtually no imact of iPhone battery consumption and your actual location is not stored anywhere (not on a server and not even on your phone).

My historical data has disappeared. What can I do to restore the data?

Thanks for using the app. This is related to the Tesla changing the unique id associated with your car (this is not the VIN). We have found a way to retrieve your data and work around this problem.

  • Triple-tap (i.e., tap three times) on the first screen of the app. This should initiate data recovery. Let the app run on the screen for ~3 minutes. Do not navigate to another screen.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and then go to the second tab of the app and pull down to refresh.

Watch app and its complications do not work anymore. What can I do?

Please delete and re-install the watch app and it'll start working again. This is a consequence of changes that Tesla made on September 2 (2019) to your account.

The watch app does not install. What can I do?

The watch app requires WatchOS 5 which can run on all Apple Watch models except the very first Apple Watch (aka series 0). If you are running watchOS 5 or higher on your Apple Watch and the Stats watch app does not show up in the list of apps in the Watch App on your iPhone, then please restart your iPhone and try again.

The watch app installs, but it keeps asking to "Launch the iPhone app first" and the message does not go away after launching the iPhone app. Help?

Please perform the following actions in the order specified below:

  • Restart the iPhone
  • Delete the app from iPhone
  • Install the app from the App Store
  • Launch the app on iPhone and wait for it to connect to the car
  • Wait for the app icon to show up on the watch and then tap on it to launch the app on the watch
  • If the watch says “Launch the app on iPhone…”, remove the iPhone app from background and re-launch it.
  • Wait for the watch to connect to the car and you see the name of your car and range and SoC
  • Add complications (optional)

Watch app crashes or I get the "Please Launch..." on the screen and it does not go away.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Delete the watch app
  • Reboot the watch
  • Install the watch app
  • While the “Please launch the iPhone app…” message is showing on the watch, force-quit the Stats app on iPhone and re-launch it.

Is there a tutorial for this app?

Yes, for an in-depth overview of feature of the app, please see the following videos:

What do "efficiency", "estimated range" and "rated range" mean?

Rated range is the range that Tesla considers typical. Estimated range is the range computed based on your driving habits and temperature which is supposed to be closer to the actual range that you may get. Efficiency is the ratio of the estimated range to rated range. It is quite possible to get an efficiency that is greater than 100%; it simply means that you drive more conservatively than what Tesla considers as typical.

Does the app need to be running in the background for it to operate correctly?

No, you don't need to launch the app and the app does not need to run in the background. When needed, iOS launches the app in the background automatically for a few seconds and then suspends the app. However, the "Background App Refresh" must be enabled for the app to be able to collect data. iOS launches the app in the background when needed and gives it a few seconds to do its job.

Why is the efficiency on the first screen of the app sometimes different from the efficiency shown in the second screen of the app in the graph?

The efficiency shown in the first screen of the app is measured over ~10 miles. The efficiency shown in the third screen of the app (graph with orange dots) are measured over 50/200/500 miles

What is the privacy policy for this app?

Why does the app need the "Always" permission for location tracking? Is the app tracking my location constantly?

The "Always" permission is needed so that the app can detect when you arrive at a location so that it can check the status of the doors and issue a notification if the doors or the trunk/funk is left open. The "Always" permission does not mean that the app tracks your location constantly.

I just manually calculated the cost of charging and it's lower than the cost that the app has calculated. Why?

The app takes into acocunt the charger efficiency (~85%). So, in order to add X kWh of energy to the car, you need to pull X/charger_efficiency from the wall.

I can't see the old widget (the one with control buttons). What happened?

Please follow the steps shown in the screenshots below and add the Today Widget associated with Stats. If the Stats Widget does not show up in the list, then reboot your iPhone. If it still does not show up, delete and re-install the app. you data will be preserved, but you need to re-enter price of electricity, etc in the settings tab.

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