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  • Which USB device do I need for this app?
    This app is desinged to work with the following USB drives: iXpand iXpandMini SanDisk Connect iXpand and iXpand Mini are recommended. You can get any storage size.
  • I don't want to deal with formatting the USB drive. Is there an easier way?
    Yes, you can purchase pre-formatted iXapnd that are ready to be plugged in to your car from here:
  • How do I use a Mac to format my USB drive?
    Use the Disk Utility app that comes with macOS. Make sire that you follow all the steps shown above exactly in-order. The "Master Boot Record" setting is important.
  • How do I format my USB device using a Windows machine?
    Here are some useful links (not related to the SentryView app): Download RMPrepUSB and make sure to check the option "Make Partition non-bootable": Make surethe settings are as follows.
  • How do I configure my iPhone/iPad to connect to the SanDisk connect USB device?
    Please follow these steps: Disconnect the USB device: Long-press on the camera icon in the car console. Wait for the red dot on the camera icon to become gray. Disconnecting the USB drive while the red dot is shown in the camera icon can corrupt your videos. Press the power button on the side of the USB device. You should see a small light blinking on the USB device Launch the Settings app on iPhone/iPad Switch to the WiFi network created by the USB device That's it!
  • Some videos stall when I try to play using SanDisk Connect USB device. What should I do?
    Turn off Bluetooth temprarily on your iPhone. Bluetooth may interfere with WiFi associated with Sandisk Connect.
  • Do I need to unplug the SanDisk USB drive from the car to be able to use this app to view the videos?
    Yes. All usb drives which have more than one interface (in this case WiFi) require you to unplug from USB before the data is available through the other interface (WiFi in this case). This is a hardware requirement and is unrelated to the app.
  • I have formatted as FAT32 and my laptop can play the videos, but not SentryView app. Why?"
    During formatting, you must set the "scheme" to "Master Boot Record" (iOS requirement). See step 4 below
  • I'm using a SanDisk Connect device (with WiFi) and I keep getting "Empty Folder" or "Cannot Connect" messages. How to fix this?"
    Please use the SanDisk app to change the name of the WiFi to something simple that does not have spaces. Then delete and re-install the app and enter the name of the WiFi in the settings screen of the SentryView app. You do not need to go to the Settings app and switch the WiFi on your iOS device manually; the app does that automatically. Make sure that the name of the folder on the USB drive is TeslaCam. This is case-sensitive. For example, TESLACAM or teslacam would not work.
  • I can see the files on the USB drive on my computer, by my Tesla does not recognize the USB drive. What should I do?"
    Tesla requires USB drives to be formatted as FAT32. On Windows: Follow these instructions On Mac: Follow these instructions You can also google "how to format FAT32" and find a lot of related answers. Please also watch this useful video about how to set up the USB device using a Mac.
  • I see "No internet connection" in the settings app when SanDisk WiFi is selected. Is that normal?"
    Yes, that is normal. The WiFi from SanDisk is not connected to internet. Your device is still connected to internet via cellular while your device is on SanDisk WiFi.
  • My car does not recognize the USB device. What is the problem?
    Tesla requires USB drives to be formatted as FAT32 (this i not specific to SentryView). If you are somewhat familiar with computers, it's very easy to do. Please see the Q&As here for formatting tips/instructions. You can also purchase pre-formatted USB drives compatible with SentryView app from Important: After formatting the device, you need to create a TeslaCam folder on the USB drive. The folder name must be TeslaCam and it is case-sensitive, so it cannot be Teslacam or any other variations.

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