What's New (v5.5.19)


This new widget tracks TSLA and compares its daily activity with NASDAQ/S&P.
In addition it show the RSI which is a metric related to oversold/overbought. Some analyst believe that RSI less than ~30% indicates oversold (ie, stock is cheap) and above ~70% indicates that it is overbought (ie, expensive)

More info about TSLA is also shown in the app (settings tab)

What's New (v5.5.16)

Dog Mode can be activated and deactivated using Siri on iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch or using the button in the Stats iPhone app. 
As with any other Siri Shortcut, you can use the Shortcuts app (by Apple) to create buttons on iPhone or Complications on Apple Watch to invoke the Siri Shortcut)

What's New (v5.5.12)


View Sentry videos by connecting your storage device to your iPhone/iPad (this feature is in the Settings tab).

  • You can easily browse videos and see the location associated with the Sentry videos on a map

  • Double-tap on any of the four videos while playing to make it full-screen

  • This new feature also creates a single video file that contains all four clips side-by-side (eg, for your car insurance) including a timestamp. 

  • You can delete individual videos or delete entire folders (long-press on a folder to delete all videos inside it).

  • Any USB to Lightning adapter that is recognized by iOS works. See the FAQ inside the app for some adapter recommendations.

What's New (v5.5.9)

Tap on the "compare" button to see how percentage of Tesla software distribution has changed compared to the day before. This shows which versions are being pushed out and how quickly

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.24.57 PM.png

This pie chart shows percentage of FSD beta users. You can filter this based on car model

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.25.39 PM.png

The app issues a notification if tire pressure is out-of-wack 

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.35.25 PM.png

What's New (v5.5.8)

New: You can now filter the histogram of Tesla software versions based on FSD or non-FSD. Tap on the bar to see the FSD Beta version


New: Location of charge is shown below the charge rate graph


What's New (v5.5.3)

Added new Siri Shortcuts ("where is my car") which shows your car on the map and says the address for car location.


What's New (v5.5.2)

Added new Siri Shortcuts to turn on/off climate.
The existing "Climate & Seat Heaters" shortcut allows you to set the 
temperature and seat heaters.


What's New (v5.4.26)

Tire pressures on the main screen. Supports psi, kPa, bar units (change in the settings tab).
Your car needs to have 2022.4.x or 
newer to support this.


What's New (v5.4.25)

New Home Widget


The app will let you know when a new Tesla software version is detected in the fleet


What's New (v5.4.21)

Customize your car image in the app. Several designs are provided


What's New (v5.4.18)

Added a new gauge that shows your total battery capacity. This is included in the one-time in-app purchase for battery comparison.


Improved complication for the X-Large Watchface


What's New (v5.4.16)

Added a new graph that compares your maximum Rated range with other similar cars with similar mileage.
The app uses a machine learning to perform this comparison.
This requires a one-time in-app-purchase (not a subscription)


What's New (v5.4.5)

Added Safety Score info for cars that have received FSD beta or have Tesla Insurance


What's New (v5.3.3)

Added new themes (head to the settings tab to change the theme)


Changed the layout for controls. All controls at your fingertips


What's New (v5.3)

The Today Widget has been updated.

The Today Widget is in addition to the Home Widget and allows you to interact with the car from the Today Screen.

See the FAQ inside the app for instructions related to adding the Today Widget


What's New (v5.3.1)

Added buttons to the Home Widget for quick access to frequently use functions.


Added a new Siri Shortcut for starting the car. Now you can use Siri on your iPhone or your Watch to start the car.

Rotato Snapshot.png

What's New (v5.1.8)

Updated Watch App

  • New button to show your car and your position on the map

  • Walking/driving directions to your car on your watch

  • Icons for quick access to functions


What's New (v5.1.4)

Enable/Disable schedules for smart features

  • Smart Battery Prep 

  • Smart Heating/Cooling

  • Smart Charging


What's New (v5.1.1)

Stats keep track of your car maintenance and sends you notifications when it is time to perform a service.

  • Tire Rotation 

  • Cabin Air Filter

  • Brake Fluid Test

  • AC Service

Rotato Snapshot.png

Go to the Settings tab in the app to enter information for your car and enable notifications for car maintenance